320 PIR Sensor

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The Helvar 320 is compatible with any DALI system. It has exceptional detection performance, meaning it’s perfect in situations where movement might be subtle — such as a classroom under examination conditions, or a professional office environment.

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An easy-to-install PIR sensor with enhanced sensitivity and reliability in standard room heights.

Thanks to passive infra-red detection, lights stay on when people are present. And switch off when there’s nobody there.

Because it’s less reliant on movement detection than most compact sensors, you can cover a bigger target area with fewer units.

The 320 can be adjusted through our Designer or Toolbox software. You can mount the 320 into a ceiling void or onto a solid surface with our additional SBB-C mounting box.

Key features
• Excellent detection performance through high sensitivity and multidirectional coverage
• 5 mA DALI current consumption
• Compact and functional design
• Programmable in Designer and Toolbox

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions12 × 8 × 6 cm

Product Documents

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