321 Multisensor

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Because it’s a multisensor, the 321 uses more than one detection technology: passive infra-red to detect the presence of movement.  And a light sensor for constant light control.

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It’s compatible with any DALI system.

Passive infra-red means lights go on when people are present. And switch off if there’s nobody there.

At the same time, a constant light sensor measures reflected light from the surface directly below. It then adjusts the lamp outputs to always give you the lighting levels you need.

The 321 has exceptional detection performance. It’s perfect in situations where movement might be subtle — such as a classroom under examination conditions, or a professional office environment.

And because it’s less reliant on movement detection than most compact sensors, you can cover a bigger target area with less units.

The 321 can be adjusted through our Designer or Toolbox software. You can mount the 321 into a ceiling void or onto a solid surface with our additional SBB-C mounting box.

Key features
• Excellent detection performance through high sensitivity and multidirectional coverage
• Programmable constant light control for energy efficiency
• 5 mA DALI current consumption
• Compact and functional design
• Programmable in Designer and Toolbox

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions12 × 8 × 6 cm

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