416S 1-Channel 16A Leading Edge Dimmer

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The DIGIDIM 416S (16 A) is a wall‑mounted, single-channel, leading edge (thyristor) dimmer; which also includes a 16 A relay circuit.

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Controllable by SDIM, DMX and Analogue, and DALI compatible for use as load interface units in a DIGIDIM lighting control system, the 416S and 425S can also function as standalone dimmers.

They can be connected to mains voltage lamps directly, or to low voltage lamps via a wire-wound transformer, and have a selectable, integral DALI power supply.

Key Features
• Out-of-box operation. No programming required when using DIGIDIM slider, rotary or push button panels.
• Input voltage fluctuation compensation ensures stable output levels with fluctuating incoming mains levels.
• Selectable, integral DALI power supply.
• Over-temperature protection.
• Programmable interface with buttons and LED display.
• Programmable in Designer™ and DIGIDIM Toolbox™.

Additional information

Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions22 × 29 × 12 cm

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