452 1kW Universal Dimmer

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The DIGIDIM Universal Dimmer is a DALI-compatible lamp interface unit for use in a DIGIDIM lighting control system. The dimmer is a DIN-rail-mounted unit that can control a maximum load of 1000 W at 230 V.

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It has two operating modes, either of which can be used with mains-voltage lamps:
• Trailing-edge mode is for use with low-voltage lamps with electronic transformers.
• Leading-edge mode is for lamps with magnetic transformers, provided that the transformers are approved for dimming use by their manufacturers.

The dimmer is provided with a status LED and a physical selection switch that can be used to identify the device during system configuration.

The dimmer is also provided with an optional addressing switch that allows simple DALI grouping of the device. The default position ‘0’ allows the normal grouping with DIGIDIM remote controller, Toolbox or Designer software.

Key Features
• Out-of-box operation. No programming required when using DIGIDIM slider, rotary, or push-button panels. For scene panels, ‘preset download’ must be carried out.
• Input voltage fluctuation compensation ensures stable output levels with fluctuating incoming mains levels.
• Group-selection switch for quick and simple programming.
• Operating-mode switch (leading- or trailing-edge dimming).
• Overcurrent, power and temperature protection.
• DIN-rail mounted and only 70 mm wide.

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Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions11 × 9 × 8 cm

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