472 DALI to 1-10V & DSI Converter

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The DIGIDIM 1–10 V & DSI® Converter has been designed to control electronic ballasts that comply with IEC 60929 and ballasts that comply with the DSI® standards. This ensures that DIGIDIM systems are compatible with, and easily integrated into, existing systems.

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The Converter can switch a maximum of 15 Helvar electronic ballasts/drivers.

The analogue 1–10 V signal and the digital DSI® signal can control 50 electronic ballasts.

Key Features
• Out-of-box operation provides control using DALI standard broadcast commands.
• For 1–10 V control, the Converter can switch a maximum of 15 ballasts/drivers. An external contactor should be used for more ballasts.
• Converter complies with DSI® 1 and DSI® 2 standards.
• Default light output at initial power up is 100 %.
• Universal supply voltage operation.
• DIN-rail mounted and only 70 mm wide.
• Easy programming by using the group selection switch.

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions9 × 11 × 8 cm

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