498 8-Channel 10 Amp Relay Unit

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The DIGIDIM 498 8-Channel Relay Unit is fitted with highinrush specification relays, rated at 16 A per channel, which handle short-lived, high-peak inrush currents during switch-on of loads.

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It can be networked through either DALI or SDIM communication to be incorporated into a DIGIDIM or Imagine lighting control system.

The unit has an intuitive LED segment display and push buttons for monitoring, manual configuration and control purposes.

Key Features
• High-inrush specification relays (single pole, normally open).
• Wired override input to allow for external triggers.
• LED segment display and push buttons.
• Can operate as:
◦◦ 8 individual channels (8 × 1)
◦◦ 4 sets of 2 channels (4 × 2)
◦◦ 2 sets of 4 channels (2 × 4)

Additional information

Weight0.65 kg
Dimensions18 × 11 × 7.8 cm

Product Documents

Installation Manual
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