499 8-Channel Latching 20 Amp Relay Unit

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The DIGIDIM 8-Channel Latching Relay Unit is an eightchannel controller that supports high-inrush loads up to 20 A per output. Each output is controlled individually, and any mains-supply phase can be connected on any of them.

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Conceived for installations that use a lot of power, such as high-bay luminaires and HID lamps, the 499 can handle shortlived, high-peak inrush currents during switch-on of loads.

The unit has a lever switch per circuit that allows manual switching. Among other benefits, you can see the position of the relays at any moment, turn on and off the lights for testing and commissioning purposes, or switch on and off the loads even if the unit loses power. If power is disconnected to the unit, the relays stay in the same position.

The 499 can be networked through DALI, SDIM or DMX communication into a DIGIDIM or Imagine lighting control system, and it is DIN-rail mounted for ease of installation.

It has an intuitive LED segment display, as well as push buttons for monitoring, manual configuration and control purposes.

Key Features

• Latching, single-pole, bistable relays with manual control.
• Wired override input to allow for external triggers.
• Manual control switch per channel.
• LED-segment display and push buttons.
• Can operate as:
◦◦ 8 individual channels (8 × DALI addresses);
◦◦ 4 sets of 2 channels (4 × DALI addresses);
◦◦ 2 sets of 4 channels (2 × DALI addresses).
• Staggered switch-on with 100 ms delay per relay.
• All functions can be programmed with Helvar’s Toolbox and Designer software.

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions18 × 12 × 6.6 cm

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