SF-PIR-SW-01 Surface Mount PIR Switching Sensor

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The SF-PIR-SW-01 is a PIR-triggered switch suitable for mounting into a ceiling void. It allows simple selection of presence or absence detection to control both lighting and nonlighting loads.

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Configurable for any room occupancy style, it switches on the connected load if the area is occupied and the illuminance is lower than the specified level (with the photocell activated).

Similarly, it switches off the load if the area is unoccupied for the set time.

In absence mode, the unit can also be operated from a mains-rated retractive wall switch.

The SF-PIR-SW-01 has the following main elements:
• A mode selector with the following options:
◦◦ Presence: auto on, auto off
◦◦ Absence: manual on, auto off
• An illuminance threshold adjuster (10 lx to 1000 lx)
• A time adjuster (up to 40 min).
By setting the illuminance threshold adjuster to the maximum point, the unit is also suitable for nonlighting loads.

Key Features
• Easily selectable presence or absence detection.
• Provides load control in response to changes in room occupancy and illuminance.
• Simple out-of-the-box operation.
• Energy saving.

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10.5 × 10.5 × 12 cm

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